Electrical installations can be quite a hassle, and that’s why you need a qualified electrician to do the job effectively on the first attempt. We are proficient in our work and can handle anything from installing plugs, outlets, and switches to electric fencing and installing pool motors. Having worked with thousands of clients for over 20 years that we have been in operation, we have perfected the art of fault finding and as well as maintenance and repairs. Whenever you need quality electrical installations at a fair price, why not get in touch with our friendly team in Cape Town?

As professional electricians, we understand that utility bills can quickly cut into your profits. We can assess the entire electrical system to determine and correct the inefficiencies that cause your bills to surge. Most of the time, upgrading the ballast and installing energy efficient bulbs solves the problem efficiently. We will also check the wiring to ensure the current machines and technology installed in your company aren’t wasting the energy or causing a safety risk. We are also proficient in commercial electrical appliance installation. Just contact our electricians in Cape Town and we’ll respond within the shortest time.

Do you need a gate motor installed at your home? We handle all types of electrical installations for our esteemed clients.  If your breaker keeps tripping interrupting your daily activities, we can analyze the entire circuit and provide the most efficient solution, whether it is installing new circuit breakers or surge protection equipment or conduct a full re-wiring. We also install security and design lighting as well as do a complete air conditioning wiring. We’ve handled everything that our Cape Town clients have thrown our way and are looking forward to adding you to the ever-growing list of successful clients.

All our employees are highly trained and are competent enough to work on any electrical problem. We have also invested in the best fault detection equipment for proper diagnosis. If you need replacement parts installed or complete re-wiring done, trust us to source them from reliable manufacturers and at a fair price. What are you waiting for? Make that all-important call and our electricians in Cape Town will be at your service within the shortest time possible.