Qualified and registered electricians are the only persons with the authority to issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance. The document is created to show that the electrical work carried out in a particular building is done as per the safety standards set by the local authorities. When the need to sell or purchase property arises, you need to find certified personnel to help you get the COC for your residential or commercial buildings in Cape Town. This is where we come in.

A Certificate of Compliance is only valid for two years; after which another is to be obtained. This is only granted by professional electrical contractors who are registered or else the certificate will be invalid and have no meaning when facing the authorities. In the event that any electrical work is done after the first issue, and the property is to be sold, then it is mandatory that one is to obtain another valid copy of the official document. As the leading electricians in Cape Town, we help our clients with all the paperwork ensuring that they get an Electrical Safety Certificate within the shortest time possible.

Our qualified and professional electricians are certified and have the authority to issue Certificate of Compliance to residents who need it. We have worked hand-in-hand with many people who have eventually seen it through with the electrical inspections in Cape Town successfully. This is proof that the work we do is recognized and falls within the stipulated safety standard measures. Whether you have just bought a home or are building yours from scratch, we are more than happy to help.

Our team of experts is prompt in all matters concerning electricity. We understand that you might need a license as soon as possible to complete the sale of your property. We also know that the same electrical Certificate of Compliance may be the remaining hurdle that’s hindering you from starting your business. No matter the circumstance, you can be assured that our Cape Town electricians will not leave a stone unturned until you are certified to continue with whatever you were handling. Get in touch with us for advice as well as a free quote.